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Fandom Productions is the paradigm for your pop culture events, from the fun and whimsical to the dark and obscure. Home of Haunted Orange County and Returning in 2022: Bob Gurr's Waltland, Disney History Bus Tour. Specializing in fan based art and entertainment that brings you up close with some of the best talent in their field, creating experiences that will last a lifetime. Fandom Productions, where the magical and the macabre reign supreme.




One of the last direct links to Walt Disney himself is legendary Imagineer Bob Gurr. Walt stole Bob from his original job at Ford Motor Company and had him design the cars for Autopia. Walt was so impressed with his work, he asked Bob to join WED where he helped breathe life into the Disney Parks by designing many of the vehicles including the monorail, the submarines and the fanciful vehicles you see up and down Main Street.  Bob is also the designer of King Kong for the Universal Studios tram tour, and helped bring the Spanish Main to Las Vegas with his pirate ship design for Treasure Island Casino and Hotel. Bob received the prestigious Disney Legend Award in 2004 and his handprints adorn the Court of Legends at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank. After such a long spanning accomplished career, Bob still makes time to delight fans young and old by speaking at a variety of special events and meetings around the world. Slated to return in the summer of 2022, Bob will host a monthly Disney History Bus tour in Los Angeles. He can be seen frequently around Southern California appearing at various events and panels. Bob is humorous and loves to tell stories and always up for questions and answers segments.

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Bob Gurr


To call him a YouTube personality is an understatement. Justin is an extremely talented historian and explorer of pop culture who truly has a love affair and deep interest for his subjects. His quick wit and eye for capturing the unique beauty of familiar but seldom explored locations sets Justin apart as in a class all his own. From iconic theme park history to learning how to be a train engineer at Knott’s Berry Farm, to the most extensive coverage of route 66 on YouTube, Justin has got something for everyone. Justin transports his viewers to the family of world wide Disney theme parks with his unique style of humor and face-paced engaging videography style, each adventure leaving his viewers in anticipation of the next. Known worldwide for his informative and often hilarious videos, Justin brings us the world with child-like wonder. With and extremely loyal and engaged worldwide viewership, Justin makes time to interact with fans throughout the year by appearing at conventions, speaking on panels, hosting shows and events or greeting fans at a local meet-up.  Justin is also the perfect emcee with a knack for linking talent with the beloved masses.

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Justin Scarred
Charles Spratley


Growing up in San Diego, Charles’ life is all about history. He began working for several museums in San Diego as well as the famous Whaley House and the beautiful and enchanting Villa Montezuma. Charles also worked as a guide for a premier tour company doing their evening ghost tour as well as well as starting his own company with former fellow employees, creating a more adult based tour. He then traveled up to Orange County and there teamed up with the creator of Haunted Orange County and helped turn a small paranormal website into a thriving tour and event company known through Southern California. His regular day time profession is teaching elementary grade children as well as writing. His latest book, Piercing the Veil: Examining San Diego’s Haunted History was lauded by local historians and fans of a good ghost story. Along with doing tour, Charles lectures on the paranormal and folklore. His passion for local history as well as his love for the supernatural make him a real asset to Fandom Productions and Haunted Orange County.

Andrew Jacobs


Actor best known for playing the lead character, Jesse Arista in the Christopher Landon film Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones. His other film credits include lead roles in The Wrong Boyfriend and the horror thriller Lasso released in 2018. Andrew was recognized for his dancing and acting abilities at a young age and was challenged to enter a deal to excel in school in exchange for working in television and films. This he did. He accomplished his goals and enjoyed some glorious, fun times. Not only did he have fun, but it also became a creative time for the whole family to accompany Andrew on his adventures.

Andrew's birth family was a lineage of gang families and Andrew inevitably made bad choices, resulting in some very bad times. He became a father at a very young age, but the love for his son convinced him to change his ways. He is now rediscovering his "sacred self". He decided to return to acting after devoting his teen years to break dancing. He worked on a movie from a Russian Filmmaker and then in Paramount's Paranormal Activity: the Marked Ones. Andrew realizes the passion for acting is branded in him. He truly thrives reading for amazing characters and being around remarkable film making.

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