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Perhaps one of the greatest and most coveted honors that the Disney company bestows is a window on Main Street. Disney Legend Tom Nabbe was hired personally by Walt Disney himslef back in 1955 to play Tom Sawyer on Tom Sawyer's Island. A half scale exact replica is presented to the honoree at the unveiling ceremony. Fandom Productions is proud to be the first to announce this exclusive limited-edition release. Only 99 will be made. 


The Tom Nabbe Window on Main Street is the second in a series to be released With 3 more windows scheduled for 2024. On the back of the window is signed and numbered hologram seal with Tom Nabbe's autograph. 


Every window is handmade and crafted by local artists and artisans in Florida.


100% American made product using all premium materials sourced from local small businesses.

Tom Nabbe's Window on Main Street

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