This glow in the dark Haunted Mansion Mariner action figure comes boxed with a harpoon, net and shipwreck display base. 


In the Magic Kingdom's mansion he is identified as being one Captain Culpepper Clyne and is inferred to have a connection to the backstory of the estate. His story here is elaborated on that he was a sea-captain who was allergic to dirt and while having braved the ocean's wrath he died in a bathtub. He was buried outside of the Haunted Mansion in an above-ground crypt which was filled with brine which pickled his corpse. His epitaph read: 


"Here floats Captain Culpepper Clyne
Allergic to dirt so he's pickled in brine
He braved the sea and all her wrath
But drowned on land while taking a bath"



Haunted Mansion Mariner Figure

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